On the Wings of Wisdom
Through the Passageways Of The Word ©

by Eve

The following are writings that I did from 1994-Present. First I would like to tell you when I started writing and also an experience I had.

When I started writing:
One night, I had gone to a Christian Bible teaching church. After the Bible lesson, we had a time of quiet and prayer. During the quiet time with my eyes closed, I opened my Bible and with my pen I wrote something and then closed the book. When I got home later that night, I remembered that I wrote something, so I went to see what it was. The writing read: "Preach the day of our Lord" "Seek Me". I dated it that night as 3/30/94. I believe that was the day I began my spiritual journey.

The experience:
One afternoon in 1995, I was sitting at the table and I was reading in the Book of Romans. All of a sudden like a wind coming in from the window, I saw the Bible pages turn very fast to another page and another and so on. I was reading the pages even though the pages were flipping faster than the mind could participate. For example if you take the Bible and thumb through it really fast and imagine reading every page you were thumbing through in its entirety.

What really happened that day was... the pages were not moving in my Bible at all. It was made known to me that the chapter I was on was not merely a chapter but a volume of written words. I realized on that day that the Bible is not 610 pages or 1000 pages, it is endless. The Word is endless and the Word is alive. After the above happened, I was so amazed. I was drawn to the Word like a bee is to honey and began my journey in it. I was led by the hand like a child and from one end to the other and I saw things I never saw before in the Bible. Since then the following articles have been written. The Word teaches and it also interprets. Most of these articles were written in 1996-1997. As you will notice there were no angel pictures done during that time. When the angel art continued they seemed to have taken on greater depth. The books that I have written were done in 1995 and 1996. They will be listed below in the book section.

There are over 1000 printed pages of reading material here. Enjoy. Eve 12/30/99

The newest writings will always be on top.


Messengers of God

The Garden of Eden Revisited... God's Grace

Proverbs 1:31 tells us what happened in the Garden of Eden

THIS Administration IS ABOUT what Christ IS, and HAS DONE.

Triumph Over The Flesh

"...saved through faith" (Eph. 2:8)

Does God Have A Soul?

Why We Need Christ

There is only One God.

The Word was made Flesh And Dwelt Among Us (John 1:14).

Christ, the living Word, makes visible and knowable the invisible God.

How Great Is Thy Name

Words Possess Power

"Mystery of Christ"

Stewards of the Mysteries

Walk In Wisdom

Is believing in the divinity of Jesus a prerequisite to receiving salvation?

Does The Spirit of God LIVE in you?

What Does It Mean To Be "The Called"??? (Rom. 8:28)

Created in Christ

Walk in Love

All blessings are {{{"in"}}} and {{{"by"}}} Christ Jesus.

What does it mean to be "in Christ"?

We have to be in Christ in order for God to be in us...

What is the Gospel of Christ?

What is the fruit on your tree?

Are we warriors in a spiritual battle ground?

What Really Happened In Genesis?

The Day of the Lord

Adam and Eve

The Tree of Knowledge

On the 5th Day of Genesis...

Paulís Gospel is the revelation of the MYSTERY

Who Is The AntiChrist, The Son of Perdition?

9 out of 10... DO NOT recognize Christ is God

In the "Image" of the Earthly vs In the "Image" of the Heavenly

"Let no man beguile you of your reward".

"Stand Against The Wiles Of The Devil"

What Does It Mean To Be The Called

Deeper Things

His Word goes forth

The Spirit Of Man Is The Candle Of The Lord

To Heaven on The Wings of A Prayer

How can we know the invisible God?

God's Word Was Made Flesh?

Is Wisdom in Proverbs 8, the Holy Spirit?

Old Vessel... New Vessel... Same Clay...

What is the Power of God?

God Is A Consuming Fire

In the Valley of the GREAT "Mystery".


Hebrews 7:9 ^^^ Christ ^^^ Colossians 1:15-17

Inspiration, Revelation and Illumination

The Last Supper

Sinner In This Day and Age

God Has A Plan

No man cometh unto the Father but by Christ

Understanding God (Elohim)

Baptized Into Three Bodies

The present church of God is?


Did God change at the Incarnation?

John the Baptist, a "burning and a shining light"

The ministry of the Spirit is glorious

The "body of Christ"

Are you stewards?

Understanding Christ is God

OT and NT Writings Testifies That Christ Is God

Rejoice in the Lord

The Garden of Eden

In the Valley of the GREAT "Mystery"


1) Renew Thyself © (100 + page manuscript written in 1995)
2) Mysteries Unveiled © (200 + page manuscript written in 1996)
3) Angels In Our Midst © (40 + page manuscript written in 1994)
4) Life, Death and Beyond (written November 2, 2000, 73 pages)

Books (Mini Series):

4) Fundamentals Of Faith © (20 + page manuscript written in 1994)
5) A Guide For Eternal Life © (20 + page manuscript written in 1994)
6) Keys Of The Kingdom © (20 + page manuscript written in 1994)
7) The Day Of Our Lord © (20 + page manuscript written in 1994)

Note: All Books come with pictures and diagrams that are not included at this time.

Articles and Books Copyright © 1994, - current year Angel Art by Eve. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction in any form prohibited by law.

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