Baptized Into 3 Bodies


To All,

Baptized Into 3 Bodies

Old Testament (Moses ministry)

"And were all {{{baptized unto (eis)}}} Moses {{{in}}} the cloud and {{{in}}} the sea;.." (1 Cor. 10:2)

New Testament (John the Baptist ministry)

"And were {{{baptized of}}} John the Baptist {{{in}}} Jordan, confessing their sins." (Matt. 3:6).

"...and were all {{{baptized of}}} John the Baptist {{{in}}} the river of Jordan, confessing their sins. (Mark 1:5)

"... in those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan" (Mark 1:9).

New Testament (Paul's ministry)

"For {{{in}}} one Spirit are we all {{{baptized into (eis)}}} one body..." (1Cor. 12:13). Christ the head of the body. (Col. 1:18).

So far we have:
baptized {{{in}}} the cloud and in the sea... into the body of Moses
baptized {{{in}}} the river... into the body of John the Baptist (Elijah)
baptized {{{in}}} the Spirit... into the body of Christ

So far we have 3 heads:
Moses, Elijah, Christ

Now let us take that back to the 3 heads at the transfiguration:
Moses, Elijah, Christ

Food for thought...

God Bless,