We Have To Be In Christ In Order For God To Be In Us...

To All,
We have to be in Christ in order for God to be in us...

Exodus 25:8,9 "And let them make Me a sanctuary; that I may dwell... According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle..."

"Tabernacle" is the Hebrew word "mishkan". It is the first instance in the Bible.

The Tabernacle (Mishkan) = dwelling-place, from shakan, to dwell: indicating it is containing the presence of the Lord God in the Light, called Shechinah.

It was in the Holiest of All in the old Jewish Temple that the glory of God [the Shechinah] dwelt. No one was ever permitted access to this part of the Temple except the High Priest, and that but once a year on the day of Atonement, when he entered it to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice on the "Mercy Seat" for the sins of the people.

Notice Ex. 25:8 verse and comment:

>> quote << The Midrash proceeds to explain that [after the sins of seven generations had caused the Divine Presence to withdraw seven spiritual levels from its initial manifestation in this world], seven tzaddikim arose whose divine service drew the Divine Presence down once more into this world below. Through the merit of Avraham the Shechinah was brought down from the seventh heaven to the sixth, through the merit of Yitzchak the Shechinah was brought down from the sixth heaven to the fifth, and soon - until Moshe, the seventh of these tzaddikim (and "all those who are seventh are cherished"), drew the revelation of the Shechinah down once again into this world below.Divinity was primarily revealed in the Beis HaMikdash, as it is written, "And they shall make Me a sanctuary and I shall dwell within them."Significantly, the last Hebrew word of the verse is not, as expected, betocho [which would mean "within it"], but betocham, which means "within them" - for GÄd craves a dwelling place within each individual Jew.

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Paul says:

[1] For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Christ is that Light called the Shechinah Glory in the Old Testament and that Light in the New Testament. In the New Testament, being born of woman, His human tabernacle was a covering over that Light. Christ walked the earth as it is written in the New Testament as this white Light, but the human eye could not see it, BUT Peter, James, and John saw it at the Transfiguration.

[2] And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

AND Paul saw it also when he was struck down. (Acts 9:3). John the Baptist came to bare witness of that Light (John 1:8).

The heavenly host is described as:

[3] His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:

We have to be in Christ in order for God to be in us... and then THAT Light is in us. And when the "earthy tabernacle is dissolved", our "countenance" will be "like lightning" and our "raiment white as snow".

God Bless,