116 aphorisms by Eve
( copyright 1989)

Knowledge is only words if not lived

An earthly man is seldom happy for he draws obstacles

There are no colors in darkness only shadows

Ailments can not be cured when those ailments are fed

There is no quenching of thirst in the barren desert

To know and not acknowledge is ones own solitary confinement

The sun shines not at night nor light arrays in darkness

To tend to ones ways of the ways of darkness ones accomplishments are of darkness not of light

Ones temporary contentment of that darkness rewards will be a living hell

If it was not for the wolf the lamb would have no fear

That which is not a part of heaven is not a part of any worth

Do not let man made crutches stand stronger than God given will

Let him who has tasted the light just once carry its remembrance as strength in itself

A fallen man is like a drowning man, that which surrounds him consumes him and takes his life

Taking part of that which is not of God, will leave no distinctions in ones thirst

If one can not find the doorway to God, it is because one can not go through two doors at once

Burn a candle at both ends and when the fires touch there will be darkness

In weakness one finds inner strength

Birth is the seed; man is the tree; spirit is the fruit; mind is the first member to starve the fruit

Earth would perish if there was no sun and man will die without the Light

Earth is symbolic of man; universe and its tides of seasons is symbolic for direction

Negatives bring anxiety, stress, unbearable weights, explosions, and no where to escape... Positives bring peace, happiness, a quieted mind, a heart radiant of love, giving and sharing. Why are negative choices ever made?

The mind can camouflage real truth with false truth - wrong as well as right, each has its own persuasions depending upon one's desire

A farmer does not plant a field and ignore the pestelants that can destroy the grain. Why than let pestalents of darkness destroy your soul?

Beware of the wolf in lamb's clothing for let it be known the devil can quote the Bible as well as the saint

The devil moves faster than lightning therefore quicker than a spontaneous decision; that is why it is important to think God first

If man goes where angels fear, than who is the guardian on your journey?

If it is man's intent and not God's will, it would be like a river of quicksand to cross over without a bridge to walk over to the other side

In solitude man struggles with the mind; in association man struggles with man; one does not go to heaven by either one

Man's ignorance is reaching out for God when he falls - not first reaching out to prevent the fall

A lie as well as an untold truth is deceit

Man spends his life on the perplexity of mind and gives only a thought to his spirit

A superficial path leads to inward destitution

To see the power of a negative - provoke an angry man

In a feeling of despondentcy it appears easier to cast away ones whole self - than the infested part

Love is a soul-woven tapestry creating a divine-design

A truely successful man is letting God be the author of his life's story

Your destination may be tomorrow - but to get there, there is still today

One will wander into someone elses fear before his own

One does not walk amongst the shadows without casting a shadow

Going against God's will expecting good is like building a house with rotten wood

If man drums up negatives to cover negatives and thinks how creative, time will prove his creation is of a destructive sort

Repenting as a personal solution and not an absolution will not warrent God's blessings

Prosperity is given upon your giving to God

Fear is an unknown element of preconception of consequence

There is no death - only life and eternal living

Flesh is a winter's coat we will shed on a summer's day

Follow the impulses of the Holy Spirit

Advance daily along the road that brings you closer to God

Every soul was created to glorify God eternally

Grace is unconditional

Renewal begins with accepting God's forgiveness

Faith sustains the mind

The knowledge of the holy is prudence

Seek the crown of everlasting life

If you have the time and the means... be charitable

Rely upon God in all difficulties

If we listen, we will hear the voice of God

Give with words of kindness

The peacemakers are called children of God

Fortitude overcomes sin

The jewels of paradise are the saved souls

Make love and compassion imprints in the soul

Transitory things are the true seeds of sin

The cross is the ladder which we ascend to heaven

Redemption is the medicine ready to restore you to perfect health

Educate your young in the guarding of virtue

If God is not the end purpose of your labor... you will labor in vain

The soul yearns to journey in the light and truths of the faith

The sinner will be bound by the cords of his own sin

To be a part of God's kingdom confess the faith of Christ

Acquire the innocence of a child as your preparation for heaven

By the love of Christ we are nourished to overcome obstacles

We are always in the presence of God

It is our duty to impart to our children, eternal life is knowing God and Christ who He has sent

Commiting sin exposes your faith to danger

Going from virtue to virtue are the stepping stones toward heaven

The Lord will show Himself to you who is perfect in heart toward Him

Our God is mighty and we will find rest in Him.

The eyes of the Lord is on the righteous and against them that do evil.

Christ is our Shepherd, if we follow him like sheep, we will not perish.

If we stray and are one of God's sheep, he will surely find us.

Follow the examples of those who through faith have inherited the promises.

God rewards those who do things pleasing in his sight by giving them opportunity

A soul without discipline is like a ship set out without a course

Daily strive to act as though you are standing before God giving account of your actions

Intuition may be a whisper from your guardian angel, do not ignore the message

Pray for the desires of heaven that you may not be tempted by the desires of the flesh

Do not let your own mistakes and misfortunes lead you from God

Let each day begin with thanking God

The knowledge of God is given to all, and the treasures are given to those who apply it

Your conduct should be of God's standard, not the standard of men

The strength of temptation comes from the object attractive to our passion... soothing to our slothfulness

Do not lose sight of eternity in the course of your actions

All things are possible in faith

God's Word is a ladder by which we climb to heaven

If you set your heart on worldly goods and lose sight of eternity, you will become children of the world and a slave to its vanities

The devil is the tempter, his devices lead to sin. God always gives us another alternative so that we may not fall

Our eyes are not always open to see other realms but be assured they are there

All seeds you plant, conceive, and give birth. What will you harvest?

Do not desire the company of sin, for it will only bring you death

To pray effectively, do not talk negatively about the matter

The body will become weak if not supported by food, the soul will become weak if not nourished by God's Word.

Seek God's guidance before every decision

Trust in God rather than trusting in yourselves

A ship steers clear from rocks following the light from the lighthouse... So does man steer clear from sin following the light of the Lord

Take authority over your thought life and bring it into agreement with God's will

Fix your mind on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report

The devil finds opportunity in strife, unforgiveness, and worry

Know God's Word, it has power against the devil

Know there is omnipotence in prayer

Hold on to your faith, so you are not tossed to and fro in the perplexity of sin

Let your praises be a sweet fragrance to the Lord

The pieces of your life will come together when you are not led by the counsel of the soul

The foolish do not hear or do God's Word. They build their houses out of sand which fall in the storms of life

My wealth is those who love me

You are God's diamond in the rough

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