Daigrepont Family Tree

Compilation by
Evelyn Daigrepont Bierniat

Bars and Lines

Note: A special thank you goes out to James Dubroc and Melvin Daigrepont for their help on this project.

Bars and Lines

Elize Daigrepont

Father: Elise Daigrepont
Born: September 8, 1879
Death: November 5, 1938
Wife: Sidonia Dubroc
Children: 8

Sidonia Dubroc

Mother: Marie Laborde
Father: Felicien Dubroc
Born: October 6, 1878
Baptised: March 23, 1879
Death: December 28, 1921
Husband: Elize Daigrepont
Children: 8

Listed below are the eight children and how their names were spelled on their birth records at the church:

Bars and Lines

Children of Sidonia Dubroc & Elize Daigrepont

Leo Daigrepont

Born: October 8, 1903
Baptized: November 21, 1903
Death: July 8, 1975
Marriage Date: October 16, 1928
Wife: Cecile Duplechin (died: June 28, 1978)

Children of Leo Daigrepont & Cecile Duplechin

1) Ray Leo Daigrepont
2) Melvin James Daigrepont
3) Hayward John Daigrepont
4) Clovis Joseph Barron (step-son)

Bars and Lines

Edward Daigrepont

Born: March 29, 1905
Baptized: May 11, 1905
Death: unknown date

Marriage Date: September 22, 1936
Wife: Hilda Jeansonne

Children of Edward Daigrepont & Hilda Jeansonne

1) John Daigrepont
2) Gloria Daigrepont
3) Mildred Daigrepont
4) Cecilia Daigrepont

Bars and Lines

Edwin Ducupont

Born: March 1, 1907
Baptized: April 14, 1907
Death: January 1978 (SS Database)
Marriage Date: November 15, 1920
Wife: Eliska Jeansonne

Children of Edwin Daigrepont & Eliska Jeansonne

1) Donia Daigrepont
2) Elton Daigrepont
3) LeRay Daigrepont

Bars and Lines

Horace Ducrepont

Born: May 7, 1909
Baptised: June 20, 1909
Death: July 13, 1981
Marriage Date: _____
Wife: Mary (nursing home Houston, Tx. 1999)
Children: zero

Note: Horace Daigrepont joined the army Sept. 26, 1927 and spent his entire working life in the army. He then moved to Texas.

Bars and Lines

Florence Ducrepont

Born: March 21, 1911
Baptized: April 24, 1911
Death: 1951

Marriage Date: April 20, 1930
Husband: Ormas Lemoine, son of Clophas and Rebecca Couvillion

Children of Florence Daigrepont & Armas Lemoine

1) Verdie Lemoine
2) Harvey Lemoine
3) Herman Lemoine

Bars and Lines

Emma Ducrepont (we knew her as Agatha)

Birth: May 24, 1913
Baptized: July 5, 1913
Death: Buried in Simmesport Cemetary
Husband: Vital Smith

Children of Agatha Daigrepont & Vital Smith

1) Mary Lee Smith
2) Hazel Smith
3) Gerard Smith (deceased at about 7 years old)
4) Jean Smith
5) Marian Smith
6) Arthur Smith
7) Helen Smith
8) Other children ?

Bars and Lines

Michel (Mitchell) Ducrepont (my father)

Born: May 2, 1915
Baptised: June 5, 1915
Death: June 16, 1955
Marriage Date: February 27, 1949
Wife: Margaritae Schott, daughter of Sophie Barth and Frank Schott

Children of Michel Daigrepont and Margaritae Schott
Evelyn Daigrepont (me)

Note: Church records say Michel's father: Eugene Ducrepont and mother: Sidonia Dubroc. Birth certificate says father: Elize Daigrepont. I also have a copy of a page from the 'McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader', Elize writes in his own hand the birth date and name of Michel, as well as the names of his other children.

Bars and Lines

Amy Ducrepont

Note: Died at 3 1/2 years and buried in Plaucheville cemetary. This was brought to my attention by Melvin Daigrepont 4/13/99. I had always thought there were only 7 children of Sidonia and Elise Daigrepont. Including Amy, would make a total of 8 children.

Bars and Lines

Note: The above information was gathered April 4, 1999. I was told that sometimes the name was spelled like it was pronounced. Notice the different spellings for Daigrepont.

The question mark dates are still being researched. All other dates and spellings are coming from church records and Melvin Daigrepont. Church records found at:

Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
P.O. Box 8
Plaucheville, LA 71362

Bars and Lines

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