Daigrepont - Dubroc Family Tree

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Evelyn Daigrepont Bierniat

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Note: A special thank you goes out to James Dubroc for his help on this project.

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Jim Dubroc was most kind, in sending me a picture of my great grandparents, Felicien Dubroc and Marie Laborde (sitting in the photo below). This picture was taken before March 20, 1918.

The adults standing from left to right are Estella Dufour, Henry Dubroc, Rosenville Ortego and Euphemia Dubroc. Sitting are Felicien Dubroc and Marie Laborde. The children from left to right are Percy Dubroc, Camille Dubroc, Florian Dubroc, Mayo Ortego and Winnis Ortego. The Dubroc children are the sons of Henry and Estella. Mayo is Rosenville and Euphemia's son. Winnis is Rosenville's nephew. The picture was taken before 20 March 1918 as Henry died on that day. Estella then married Henry's brother, Willie Dubroc. They had 2 daughters, Ethel and Louella.

The marriage document of Felicien Dubroc and Marie Laborde

Note: My great grandparents are the mother and father of Sidonia Dubroc Daigrepont, my grandmother.

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Descendants of Joseph Dubroc Sr.

Generation No. 1

Joseph Dubroc, Sr. was born in France, and died about 1779 in St. Jean the Baptiste Parish, Louisiana. He married Marie Jannet (Haggen).

Children of Joseph Dubroc and Marie:

Joseph Dubroc, Jr. ***

Generation No. 2

Joseph Dubroc, Jr. died before 1826 in Louisiana. He married Marie Marguerite Joffrion, born January 10, 1765 in Louisiana. She is the daughter of Joseph Joffrion and Marie Rabalais.

Children of Joseph Dubroc and Marie Joffrion:

Joseph Dubroc III born: November 6, 1786
Alexis Dubroc, *** born: April 8, 1788
Martin Dubroc, born: January 26, 1790
Jean Baptiste Dubroc I, born: October 25, 1793
Celestin Dubroc, born: October 18, 1795
Elizabeth Dubroc, born: July 7, 1797
Noel Dubroc, born: December 25, 1800
Francois Dubroc I, born: October 10, 1801

Generation No. 3

Alexis Dubroc was born April 8, 1788 and died before 1850. He married Aimee Tassin February 11, 1814 in Avoyelles Parish, LA, daughter of Nicolas Tassin and Judith Juneau.

Children of Alexis Dubroc and Aimee Tassin:

Barthelong Dubroc, born: June 26, 1815
Joseph Dubroc, *** born: November 30, 1817
Adeline Dubroc, born: December 24, 1821
Celine Dubroc, born: abt 1825
Alexandre Dubroc, born: July 7, 1826
Marie Dubroc, born: January 29, 1829

Generation No. 4

Joseph Dubroc was born November 30, 1817 in Avoyelles Parish, LA. He married Brigitte Whitmore Mary 27, 1841 in Bayou Rouge, Avoyelles Parish, LA., daughter of Joseph Whitmore and Jane Graham. He married Heloise Baudin July 24, 1873 in Avoyelles Parish, LA.

Children of Joseph Dubroc and Brigitte Whitmore:

Trevillie Dubroc, born: abt 1842, died: December 3, 1862
Athanase Dubroc, born: October 8, 1843
Felicien Dubroc, *** born: May 14, 1846
Ferdinand Dubroc, born: January 3, 1850
Emelia Dubroc, born: February 2, 1852
Ophelia Dubroc, born: August 15, 1855
Louis Philocles Dubroc, born: February 27, 1857, died: September 13, 1933

Generation No. 5

Felicien Dubroc was born May 14, 1846 and died abt. 1927 in Avoyelles Parish, LA. He married Marie Laborde January 16, 1872, by Father Theodore A. Rebours, St. Hyacinth Church, in Avoyelles Parish, LA.

Children of Felicien Dubroc and Marie Laborde:

Marie Leocadie Dubroc, born: December 16, 1872
Emma Dubroc, born: May 4, 1876
Sidonia Dubroc, *** born: October 6, 1878
Henry Dubroc, born: November 12, 1881, died: March 20, 1918
Euphemia Dubroc, born: September 1884
Paul Dubroc, born: January 1887
Octavie Dubroc, born: March 1889
Albert Dubroc, born: April 29, 1893, died: Mary 4, 1966
Willie Dubroc, born: August 1894, died: December 24, 1929
Eugene Dubroc, born: August 1898

Generation No. 6

Elize Daigrepont, born September 8, 1879, died November 5, 1938, was the son of Elise Daigrepont (per his death certificate). He married Sidonia Dubroc, born October 6, 1878, the daughter of Felicien Dubroc and Marie Laborde.

Elize and Sidonia Daigrepont had eight children.

The children of Sidonia Dubroc and Elize Daigrepont

Leo Daigrepont, born: October 8, 1903
Edward Daigrepont, born: March 29, 1905
Edwin Ducupont, born: March 1, 1907
Horace Ducrepont, born: May 7, 1909
Florence Ducrepont, born: March 21, 1911
Emma Ducrepont (we knew her as Agatha), born: May 24, 1913
Michel (Mitchell) Ducrepont *** (my father), born: May 2, 1915
Amy Ducrepont (died at 3 1/2 years and buried in Plaucheville cemetary)

Note: spellings of Daigrepont are how they appear on the baptism records.

Generation No. 7

Michel (Mitchell) Daigrepont, born May 2, 1915, died 1955, is the son of Sidonia Dubroc and Elize Daigrepont. Michel married Margaritae Schott, born May 25, 1920, daughter of Frank Schott and Sophie Barth, on February 27, 1949, in New Orleans. Because of his early death, Michel and Margaritae have only one child, Evelyn Daigrepont (me).

The child of Michel Daigrepont and Margaritae Schott

Evelyn Daigrepont, born February 28, 1950

Generation No. 8

Evelyn Daigrepont (me), born: February 28, 1950, is the daughter of Michel Daigrepont and Margaritae Schott. Evelyn was born and baptized in Baton Rouge, LA. Evelyn Daigrepont married Merlin Neil Forland, Minneapolis, MN. Merlin was born November 18, 1944, died March 16, 1993. He was a Viet Nam war veteran and is the son of Merle Forland and Dorothy Whipple. Merlin was honorably discharged from the Army on May 31, 1969. Evelyn Daigrepont and Merlin Forland have two children.

The children of Evelyn Daigrepont and Merlin N. Forland

Adam Jason Forland, born: August 15, 1973
Aaron Solomon Forland, born: March 5, 1975

Generation No. 9

Adam Jason Forland

Aaron Solomon Forland

Note: Both Adam and Aaron have plans to marry in the year 2000. :-}

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Notes I:

Generation No. 1 through Generation No. 5 information is copyright by James Dubroc.


Notes II:

Countless hours of research, phone calls and e-mails have gone into this project.
My Sources and Notes -- Daigrepont - Dubroc Family Tree.

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Legends and Stories:

Azelie Ducote Daigrepont's great grandfather was JOSEPH RABALAIS. Her great grandmother was ANNE BARBE BOFTZ and her grandmother was HENRIETTE RABALAIS.

"Legend has it that Joseph was the first white settler of Avoyelles. He owned land east of MANSURA, LA. He deeded this land to his son, Joseph II. He also owned land on Lake Avoyelles, now called Lake Pearl. The earliest reference to Joesph RABALAIS in Avoyelles Parish is dated 8 September 1783. It must be remembered that there are no records for Avoyelles Parish earlier than 1783. There is an Opelousas Post document dated 29 July 1775 pertaining to Joseph RABALAIS's tutorship of the children of Philipe DUPLECHIN, which shows that Joseph was a Pointe Coupee resident on that date. Avoyelles documents place the family at that Post in Spetmeber 1783. He must have moved to Avoyelles between those dates. Public Land claims after statehood show that Joseph RABALAIS inhabited and cultivated, from 1782 to his death, a tract of land of 10 arpents front and the usual 40 arpents depth in Section 52, Township 1 North, Range 4 East of the the Louisiana Meridian. According to the Edward B Messick map of Avoyelles of 1939 this tract is just east of the town of Mansura extedning to the edge of the Mansura Hills on Grand Ecore Bayou. Three hundred-eighty acres of this tract were deeded to Joseph's son, Jean Baptiste, the first son of Joseph RABALAIS', on 3 January 1778, and in turn deeded by Jean Baptiste to his son-in-law, Gabriel BERZA on 12 July 1801. Joseph RABALIAS also claimed land on Lake Avoyelles, now known as Lake Pearl. This tract was also divided among the hiers in 388 parcels, 10 arpents by 40 arpents.

**ARPENT--old French land measurment equal to approximately one acre.**


Henriette and her husband moved to Avoyelles Parish from Pointe Coupee approximately 1783. Notes for PIERRE DUCOTE II: The DUCOTE name is believed to be peculiar to Avoyelles. It is not found among the families of the other Posts of colonial Louisiana. We believe that the numerous Ducotes of Avoyelles Parish and Louisiana can trace their ancestry to Pierre DUCOTE II and Henriette RABALAIS. Pierre and Henriette are known to have been in Avoyelles as early as 1783. It be asumed that their move from Pointe coupee to Avoyelles concided with, or was shortly after, the move of Joseph RABALAIS and family. Pierre DUCOTE II was a carpenter, a trade quite useful and somewhat rare in colonial Avoyelles."

The "Legend" information and "Notes for HENRIETTE RABALAIS" are copyright Jacqueline L. Ferguson. Used with permission.


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