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My Angel Experiences (1) (added 11/12/98)

A Gathering Of Prayers

One night after I had gone to bed, I found myself standing before the throne of God. I did not turn around to look as though I was curious. I stood before the throne knowing that is where I stood, facing in the direction of the earth. There were angels (messengers) that would come right out of the darkness into the light and appear before the throne. I don't remember what was being said... but there was talking before the throne. I heard a voice from behind me as I stood in silence.

Below the throne was like a platform of nothingness where the angels stood. There were angels all in rows. It looked like a stadium of angels. And there were several rows with the angels wearing the same color garment, as though they belonged to a certain Order. And you could see them as far as the eye could see. They were dressed in illuminating colors.

The ones closest to the throne were warring angels... you could tell by their garments. They stood and did not move or talk. They appeared in a position of being on guard. These angels were very tall. I am only 5 feet tall and these angels were twice as tall if not taller. I remember when I returned, I marveled how tall these beings were. These angels wore armour and looked like ancient warriors.

Standing beyond the warring angels were rows and rows of angels in robes of a specific color. Below them were angels in robes that looked like white light. These were also standing in rows and this Order would descend toward the earth one row at a time. From where I stood... as they neared the earth, they looked like falling stars. The rows of angels that left before them looked like a meteor shower.

When I woke up, I call what I saw "A Gathering Of Prayers".


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My Angel Experiences (2) (added 3/6/99)

Walking In The Spirit

I would like to share with you an experience I had when I was 21. It was more clearer then, but before I am too old to remember, I would like to share it with you. I believe my story would be helpful for those who have lost loved ones.

Some might call this a near death experience. And perhaps it was. I did not see a doctor until way after the fact and he speculated that it might have been a mild heart attack. I do not remember the terminology he used to describe it. I don't believe I could prounounce it either. :-}

One weekend, I was away from home, staying in a hotel room with a girlfriend of mine. Early in the evening we went out with some friends. When we returned it was late. I went to bed some time after midnight and for some reason I woke up. I woke up and fire was all around me. It was a fire that did not burn but it was indeed fire and I could not see through it. When I sat up the fire just seemed to fade away. I sat there for a few minutes wondering about this. I saw I was still in my hotel room so I got up. The bed lamp was on and the room was dim. It was still dark outside. I was several floors up in this hotel. I remember standing by the window and watched the dark turn to the early morning light. I saw clouds outside my window and I had the desire to go walking right out the window onto these clouds. There was one point during that time that I did not see the window or the walls and that is when I felt I could just walk from where I was on to the clouds. I really thought I could fly if I wanted to.

I remember standing their a long time thinking about it. I heard the church bells ringing and I thought... it was Sunday morning, people are going to church. I heard the birds singing their songs. And I felt the breeze of the morning air. I saw people on the side walk talking. I remember they looked far away but I could hear their conversation clearly. At times they became close enough to me that I could see what they were wearing. These things were happening with my senses, I did not leave from standing where I was at the window. I was still standing there contemplating whether or not to walk on the clouds.

This hotel room had the window looking outside with a view of a residential area. When walking in to the room to my right were two twin beds. To my left was the tv stand and telephone table etc. The bathroom was closest to the door to the right. The door was straight back from the window. I was sleeping in the bed closest to the window, my room mate was in the other bed.

The presence of someone in the room made me turn around to look and see what it was. There was an angel standing right inside the room, right in front of the bathroom door. The angel had shoulder length straight blond hair. The garment was whiter than snow. If you ever saw snow at night sometimes if the moon is right it reminded me of that. Remember the room was still dark except for the dim light from the bed lamp. The angel's garment had kind of a light purple tint and went down to the floor like a robe. If I were describe the color, that is the closest I could come to doing so. I would say there is no color to describe it because of the glow. I could not tell if the angel was male or female in appearance. Even though that corner of the room was dark, I could see the angel clearly. The angel was tall and very slender. This angel's hand was motioning me to come away from the window. I remember it must of been close to the time that I finally decided I would go walk out onto the clouds. The angel kept my attention but I remember it was also in my thoughts to fly. I did really feel I could walk in the clouds... I could fly if I wanted to. I really did not feel there were any boundries.

The angel's hand caught my attention. I remember the finger was long, the one that was pointing at me and then waving in a manner to tell me to come away from the window. I knew it was an angel afterwards but at the time I was not thinking it was an angel but a being standing at the door trying to destract me. I did not hear it speak but could hear what the angel was saying in my head. I of course responded out loud and could hear myself speak. I remember the conversation circled around me wanting to leave and the angel telling me I could not. I am not sure how long that went on or what else was said. I remember glancing over to my room mate to see what she was doing and she was there fast asleep. I was wondering if she was seeing any of this that was taking place.

I remember that I moved back towards the bed as though it was not my will, or rather I had no other thought but to go back to bed. I walked over to my bed and laid down. As I laid down again I saw the fire. I remembered it looked the same as I had seen it before. I was not scared by it nor wondered about it... I just laid down to go back to sleep.

It seems like mere minutes when there was a knock on the door. I don't recall going back to sleep but just kind of laying there thinking. Our friends stopped by to take us out for breakfast. My room mate got up and let them in... I went to get up and could not move. I could talk and hear, but from the neck on down I seemed to be paralized. By this time everyone was wondering what to do about this. One of the guys had the bright idea of sticking me in a cold shower... and so that is where I went. And believe it or not it helped. Or maybe the fact someone moved me helped but it was soon after that I had feeling in my arms and legs and could walk.

So, I began to tell my story. I asked my room mate if she heard anything. She said no. I told them, how I was over by the window and that the window was open and that I could just walk right out onto the clouds. One of the guys went over to the window and said this window was not opened, nor could you open it. It was permanently sealed closed type of window. I did not believe him. I went over to the window and looked and sure enough there is no way the window could be opened. So, my experience was the talk of the day. That is when I thought the being to be a guardian angel, who came to me, preventing me from leaving.

The reason I am telling you this story is because I feel perhaps I moved from an earthly state to a spirit one. I believe that one who is in a state of transition from the earthly body to the spirtual body is capable of seeing, hearing, and communicating with others that are in spirit. The senses seem very keen. In my experience, I could bring people close to me and hear a conversation that was distant by just thinking of it. I felt like I had a body even though I did not pay any attention to it but did feel the breeze of the morning air, so I could feel. I wrote in my "proclamation of illumination" that death is merely shedding a winter's coat on a spring day. And my experience verifies this. To me there is no death, we do continue on. There are other places and we can be here and see and hear those who are of this world and see and hear those of the spirit world. It is excilerating to feel the freedom of being able to know you can walk out onto the clouds and you can fly if you want to, you can walk right through the walls, that there are no boundries.

I believe this story will help those who have lost love ones and that is the reason why I am sharing this with you.


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My Angel Experiences (3) (added 3/20/99)

Meeting the Angel of Death

I would like to tell you a story about my meeting with the angel of death. This began when I was 20 and continued until I was 23. After an incident that happened when I was 23, I no longer saw this being.

When I moved to Mpls, I stayed in a girls dorm that was right downtown Mpls. Single girls could stay there for one year before having to move out and get their own place. Our dorm rooms were small. When you walk though the door there is a closet to the left and to the right. When you walk one foot further than the closet there are two twin beds, one up against the right wall and the other against the left wall. The front view is all windows overlooking the city. Each floor had what we called a dorm mother. When I moved in, right away I had a room mate. For those of you who live in Mpls., the IDS center was still a hole in the ground. :-}

Lights were out at 10:00 but the lights of the city kept the room from being completely dark. One night I was laying in my bed and I saw this black cloaked figure come through the wall on the right side of the room. This being had no face. It was in the air moving rather than walking and the robe covered it completely. It went from the right wall to hovering at the end of my bed and stopped and starred at me. It had no face but the head was turned so that I knew it was looking at me. I was not scared and I knew instinctively that it was the angel of death. I saw it on a number of occasions. It would come, stand in my presence and then leave in the same direction. I associated it with death because every time it appeared someone I knew passed away. Before the 1973 incident, I believe during my year stay at the girls dorm, I saw this being at least three times.

On the final occasion at the girls dorm again it was after lights were out. It was probably close to midnight. The being came in through the right wall, hovering in the air went right in front of me and straight through the left wall without stopping. I thought to myself someone is going to die tonight.

The next morning, like usual everyone gets up and goes either to work or school. I shared my story with my room mate and then went to work. That afternoon when I came to the girls dorm after work, I noticed a lot of girls gathering in groups and there was a lot of talking going on. I saw some people I knew so I went over to them to see what is going on. One of the girls said, "the floor mother on our floor was found dead this morning." When no one saw our floor mother that morning, other staff members went to her room and found her on the floor dead. Her room was 3 doors to the left of my room. So, from that incident on I knew for a fact when I saw this being someone was going to die. This incident happened in 1971.

In 1973, I had my first son. He was born in August and he was only one week old when this incident occurred. I was living in an apartment. The baby's crib was at the foot of my bed up against the wall. That way I could sit up in bed and look over at my baby. Plus I was getting up every two hours for feedings. Besides my son, there was my husband and a gray cat. Everyone knows I love cats. :-}

Anyway, it was night. The room was dark. I woke up out of my sleep to see this thing hovering over my child's crib. The crib was up against the wall but this being was between the crib and the wall. It was like looking at a shadow. I recognized this being as the same one from the girls dorm. And with this being hovering over my child I thought my baby was going to die. I was sitting up in bed and could not move, I was screaming and I could not hear my voice. I could not wake my husband, I could only look at this being hovering over my child. I know I was screaming at this being that he could not take my child. All of a sudden this being disappeared and my screams then came booming out of the darkness, which woke up my husband. I could move and ran over to my baby. The cat was on his chest and my son was struggling. I took the cat and tossed him out of the crib and picked my son up and held him close to me. I kept a diary at the time, so I remember this incident quite clearly.

I gave my cat to a friend and since that day I have not seen the angel of death appear in my presence.

This is just another experience I have had with spiritual beings.


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My Angel Experiences (4) (added 11/24/99)

Emerald Isle

There is a green glowing planet called Emerald Isle. This planet has an inward sun. Arriving at this place, there were emerald green pyramids with a glow coming from below them out to the peaks of them. These pyramids are like a deep green crystal. There is a pathway, made of liquid gold... yet it was hard like stone. This pathway leads you to the pyramids. On both sides as far as you can see leading up to these pyramids are stones of every color, emeralds, and rubies, and sapphires, every color you can imagine. It was like a beach but rather than sand it was colored stones. I remember the red ones really caught my eye. This place is rich in color and light and everything sparkles.

I followed this gold path that leads to and around the emerald pyramids. You are so small compared to these mountains. As I wondered what this place was or if this is all there is, looking up at a distance, I saw something that appeared like birds flying. Coming quickly toward me, I saw they were not birds but angels. Two of these beings stood at my left and right side and raised me high above the pyramids. It seemed like I was in the air for a while looking down at the pyramids.

It appears like day there, but when you look out toward the sky it is black with stars. Passing over the pyramids, you will see paradise. There were trees, and rivers, and water falls... and flowers of every sort... and the smell of the air was a unique sweet smell. And there was a song (music tones) in the air, pleasant but not distracting, you cannot see where it comes from and it was constant. It was like the air itself was the music. The angels brought me to this clearing place at the center of the garden. There were angels there to greet me. This place had angels everywhere... in the air... walking along the river... coming out from the trees. I was surprised about one thing I saw there. I saw small angels. Angels that looked like children running and playing together.

The angels that met me when I arrived sat down with me in the center of the garden and one of the angels had a big book. The book was longer than wide. What I remember of the conversation was about the beginning of creation.

When I looked all around me, the angels there all appeared in white garments. I remember drinking some kind of sweet water and fell asleep into a dream of music and sweet aroma. When I woke up, I remembered wondering if the stones I saw there were brought to earth by these angels from this place.

Since then, once in awhile I can walk into a room or be sitting in a room and I can catch a hint of that same aroma I smelled when I was on Emerald Isle. That sweet scent reminds me that angels are present.

After this experience, I turned this into a child's story and it was copyright.


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Angel Experience (5) and Visitation (6) added 5/15/2000

I saw angels when I was very young. I knew they were angels and I called them angels to myself even at the age of around 2 years old. Every Sunday my mother, father and I went to church. I was living in Louisiana and the church was St. Anthony Catholic Church in Baton Rouge. Easter was a favorite time for me because of the smell of incense. I loved that smell.

When I was little and in church, I was determined to always be at the front of the church where the priest stood. So first of all I would make a lot of noise before mass, until I had my way and could sit on the outside by the aisle. When everyone was kneeling, and had their heads bowed down and eyes closed... off I would run up to where the priest stood. The ushers would quickly come up and get me and take me back to my parents... then I would be stuck sitting between them. This happened many times.

What people did not know and I was too little to explain it was... there were angels up there in that area of the church. Back then the priest did not face the people and the mass was done only in Latin. When facing the front to the left of the altar where the priest stood was a portal or an opening. There was a certain time during the mass prior to communion when clouds would swirl around to the left of the alter and all of a sudden angels came out from there. I would see them appear and then disappear as they came forward. Meaning I could see them as they stood in the doorway of clouds but as soon as they came forward they would vanish. I am not talking about just a handful of angels but hundreds. They were all dressed similar. They had flowing white iridescent robes as though there was a wind blowing at them as they were coming through the doorway. I did not think of them appearing as male or female only they were angels. They looked like they were stepping down from the other side as they came through the doorway as though they were coming down a stairway. The angels moved very swiftly forward and vanished. Where they were coming from looked like sunlight.

I did not see the angels appear every Sunday, but when they did appear they entered the church from the same area.

I remember before I was even a year old, my thoughts and conversations in my head were like an adult but when I tried talking out loud only baby words if any would come out. Same way when I was in church, I knew what I was seeing but didn't have the vocabulary to speak it out loud.

So, of course being little I could not tell my parents anything with words... so every Sunday I would go home and get punished for being a bad little girl in church. :-} But the pain of punishment did not stop me from continuing my little trips up to the altar every Sunday that I could get away with doing that. I remember my mother would give me my little rosary hoping that would keep me quiet but I would stand up in the pew with my little patent leather shoes and jump up and down making noise until I could sit by the aisle. Today I look back at that and start laughing.... remembering how I would do my little tap dancing on the pew just to get my way. :-}

That is my first recollection of seeing angels.


The Visitation

There were several incidents that did happen when I was a child and one was when I was 5 years old. I was standing outside in my fenced in backyard. There were two tall old trees in the backyard with my swing set in-between them. It was early afternoon and I saw Mary (yes, the mother of Jesus) appear in the tree to the right of the swing set. Her garment was sky blue and she had a gold array of light that surrounded her. I watched her for I don't know how long, before running in the house and telling my mother and father what I saw. If you want to envision it, picture the sunlight shining threw the tree branches, and then Mary appearing in that sunlight.

Shortly after telling my parents what I saw... a priest came out to our house. The priest and I were in the backyard together. My parents remained in the house. The priest was asking me questions about the visitation, like where and what did I see. We stood in the backyard until a storm came. I remember the clouds coming in, the sky darkened and there was lightning and a lightning bolt came down close to where we were standing and so he started running toward the house and I followed him. I went to my playroom and the priest and my parents were talking in the other room. I remember he said they were to watch me to see if I saw this visitation again to call him right away. There was more talking going on, but it was hushed so I could barely hear it.

My father died that same summer. Today I believe the visitation was a meeting in my backyard pertaining to that.

Somewhere in the church records this incident is more than likely recorded.

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