'Angel of the Nile - Guardian of Paradise'
This art piece is the painted Sphinx of Ages gone by. History: A unique feature of the Sphinx is the presence of paint residue which suggests that at one time the Sphinx was painted, in which case the head piece probably resembled the colorful head piece attire traditionally worn by the pharaohs of the time. The most notable features of the Sphinx, such as the nose and beard, have not withstood well over time. The nose was shot off during target practice by Turkish soldiers(?) and the Sphinx's beard has entirely been worn away by wind and sand erosion.
angel pic

'Brooklyn Museum Vintage Picture of the Sphinx'
Sphinx and Pyramid, lantern slide. Via Brooklyn Museum, Flickr Commons. Scan of 2 d image in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.
angel pic

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