'Angel of Darkness (true story and place)'
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You can go to any bookstore and pick out hundreds of books about angels and they will all pretty much say the same thing. The word angel actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means messenger. The matching Hebrew word mal'ak has the same meaning. If you do a search through the King James Version of the Bible, it states angels are mentioned 344 times. So many of us believe there are such beings as angels, because the Bible tells us so.

I can tell you about angels because I have seen them. Seeing angels is as normal to me as you seeing people in a Walmart.

I moved to Minneapolis on February 14, 1971. I stayed in a girls dorm that was right downtown Minneapolis called the Pillsbury Club on 8th Street (the Mahala Fisk Pillsbury Club). Single girls could stay there for one year before having to move out and get their own place. Our dorm rooms were small. When you walk though the door there is a closet to the left and to the right. When you walk one foot further than the closet there are two twin beds, one up against the right wall and the other against the left wall. The front view is all windows overlooking the city. Each floor had what we called a dorm mother. When I moved in, right away I had a room mate. For those of you who live in Mpls., the IDS center was still a hole in the ground. :-}

Lights were out at 10:00 but the lights of the city kept the room from being completely dark. One night I was laying in my bed and I saw this black cloaked figure come through the wall on the right side of the room. This being had no face. It was in the air moving rather than walking and the robe covered it completely. It went from the right wall to hovering at the end of my bed and stopped and starred at me. It had no face but the head was turned so that I knew it was looking at me. I was not scared and I knew instinctively that it was the angel of death. I saw it on a number of occasions. It would come, stand in my presence and then leave in the same direction. I saw this being at least three times.

On the final occasion at the girls dorm again it was after lights were out. It was probably close to midnight. The being came in through the right wall, hovering in the air went right in front of me and straight through the left wall without stopping. I thought to myself someone is going to die tonight.

The next morning, like usual everyone gets up and goes either to work or school. I shared my story with my roommate and then went to work. That afternoon when I came to the girls dorm after work, I noticed a lot of girls gathering in groups and there was a lot of talking going on. I saw some people I knew so I went over to them to see what is going on. One of the girls said, "the floor mother on our floor was found dead this morning." When no one saw our floor mother that morning, other staff members went to her room and found her on the floor dead. Her room was 3 doors to the left of my room. So, from that incident on I knew for a fact when I saw this being someone was going to die. This incident happened in 1971.

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