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Remember the story of Cinderella? Every little girl dreams of being a princess... falls in love with a prince and lives happily ever after in a big castle. Life is of elegance... gardens are blooming beautiful roses... and winged horses dance in the clouds... In our magical kingdom...we all have fairy godmothers and all our wishes come true!

All over the world there are variations of Cinderella and other popular fairy tales. I look out my ivory tower... and in my neighborhood it's raining bull frogs... my fairy godmother gives me an umbrella... and my co-worker offers me a Midol! (smile). Avril Lavigne singing on the radio: Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... So much for my happy ending... Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... (still smiling).

I know of a little girl that told me once... "my wishes never come true". Where are all the fairy godmothers... or guardians... for our children? Wishes do come true!

If a name begins with God: i.e. godmother, godfather, godchild... doesn't that express to you one filled with love and freely gives from the heart!

The fairy godmother is... a good and faithful friend! ... an angel in disguise? ... one who is filled with loving-kindness... one who comes in a time of need... and one who brings joy.

Webster’s dictionary says the definition of a "Friend" is "a person attached to another by affection, regard, or esteem, an ally." The Bible, says, a friend is someone to speak intimately with (Exodus 33:11), someone to be kind to and receive kindness from (Job 6:14), someone who can be closer to us than our family (Proverbs 18:24), someone to share our sorrow and troubles, to comfort us and mourn with us (Job 2:11), someone to rejoice with (Luke 15:6), someone who loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17).

Art : Neuschwanstein is a breathtakingly beautiful castle amidst a beautiful mountain and lake setting and known as Cinderella's Castle. The castle stands high above the Alpsee just outside Füssen, Germany.

Bars and Lines

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