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Bars and Lines

By Maria de Cristofaro and Sebastian Rotella
Los Angeles Times
Originally published February 7, 2005

"The chance for a glimpse of the pope yesterday drew worshipers, journalists and 20 television satellite trucks to the hospital on the outskirts of the capital. In St. Peter's Square, a few thousand pilgrims, tourists and Italians gathered in front of huge video screens broadcasting images live from the hospital on a cold, sunny day.

The crowds watched solemnly, and some people had tears in their eyes. They strained to understand as the pope murmured the words of a blessing in Latin and made the sign of the cross.

When he finished, listeners in St. Peter's Square broke into applause and released giant green balloons into the air. Afterward, the faithful expressed concern about the latest health crisis mixed with relief that the pope has again demonstrated resilience." baltimoresun.com

Sunday afternoon when I went outside... next to the garage and the fence there was a green balloon. I thought to myself, in the middle of winter how odd and wondered where it came from. Interesting that after that, I read the above news report... was it a sign or a blessing? The green balloon appeared after the above picture was finished. Eve

Bars and Lines

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