Poetry By Eve ©1989

    I am an island in the middle of your ocean

    Seeing you everyday

    I feel the tides of your emotion

    And I hear every word you say

    You could engulf my grounds

    You choose to keep your bounds

    And the ocean whispers to the island not today. 6/81

    If I were a flower

    You would be the rain

    Bringing me the shower

    Attributing to my gain

    Helping me grow. 9/29/81

    You are the thought

    That brings a smile to my face

    A memory caught

    And released to float endlessly in space. 10/81

    It's fall and it's storming outside

    I call for you in my sleep

    Wanting you at my side

    As the night air comes to creep

    It makes me so cold

    My mind is so exhausted

    And my dream tells a story never told

    When I awake I've lost it

    Lightning sends a chill down my spine

    The thunder loudness becomes too much

    The wind howls trying to find

    Leaving nothing outside untouched

    The lightning lights up the sky

    Tonight being alone makes me cry. 10/5/81

    My eyes are sitting in a valley of tears

    My heart in a valley of spears

    I just want to run and hide

    But where, I can not decide. 10/81

    If I said, I wanted you

    Would you come my way?

    If I told you, I needed you

    Would you stay?

    If I told you, I loved you

    Would you run away?

    If I said these things to you

    What would you say? 10/81

    Selfishness betrays

    Becomes an act

    A common phase

    A known fact

    And it destroys love 12/5/81

    Chariots and winged horses

    Love has been the greatest story ever told

    Fate plotting everyone on its courses

    Watching warriors becoming brave and bold

    For the love a lady becomes the fool

    Fighting till death in a dual -- 12/6/81 3:00 p.m.

    Love is like a river flowing

    It may have rocky ridges

    On the path it is going

    Running into bridges

    And having its fall

    Never weakening never stopping

    Until it gets to the dam walls. 12/9/81

    Dying in a Dream

    I look into the mirror

    And see an aging line

    I look a little further

    To see what I may find

    Behind me you are sleeping

    So very peacefully

    I turn to look in the mirror

    And I don't see me

    And I don't see me

    I look inside my conscience

    And ask have I done my best

    It answers only once

    And I knew the rest

    We may not always been happy

    There's no place I'd rather be

    I must awaken to tell you

    Tomorrow may be to late for me

    Wake up, wake up I shouted

    There is something I have to say

    And when he finally awaken

    The time had passed away

    The time had passed away. Jan. 3, 1981

    You are the light house shining your light

    Of love over the dark and stormy sea

    I am the ship lost in the night

    Not finding a light to thee. 12/10/81

    Star Calls

    From dust to dust, death stalls

    Living ones life, star calls

    Peace in love, life and happiness

    In touch with ones physic sense

    Going beyond the suns rays

    Existing to the planetary days

    If one should reach equivalence

    Then one succeeds in ones existence

    From dust to dust like desert sand

    To me, I am in total command

    And to succeed one has its falls

    And to know, one will hear star calls

    Bringing one back to one's beginning

    To the light, forever sending. 1/17/82

    Love Blossoms

    The dew rest upon the bud as upon my rest

    You are wonderful to me if not the best

    The full moon shining so bright upon our bed

    I fall asleep and rose buds blossom in my head

    And when the flower becomes full grown

    And all the love that I have shown

    There will always be more to give

    For all the days that we shall live. 1/15/82

    I am the moon that shines in the night

    You are the sun that gives me light

    see my phases

    they are traces

    of you. 1/15/82

    Fear Suspends All

    The first breath is fear

    And so is the last

    It suspends all when near

    The present becomes the past

    Can one survive the painful emotion

    Fear of danger or solitude

    Life in alteration

    When fear over powers you

    Fear suspends all

    And all becomes everything

    The most you can recall

    Is death is better than being. 1/17/82

    I know a man who walks in the shadows

    Following an unchanged path, to darkness

    Not knowing how far or where it goes

    Or caring how mentally dangerous

    Anxiety that was high now is low

    Trying is left to lie in waiting

    The heart and soul craves to know

    But the mind keeps contemplating

    If the question is never asked

    Rejection is never the answer

    And if the question is never asked

    You will never know for sure. 1/20/82

    Message from a whisper of a dove

    His cup overflows with love

    Actually he has a hidden sword

    Using you till he gets bored

    The sweetness will become tart

    The sword will tear the heart

    The cup now filled will become dry

    Words of love is just a lie. 1/22/82

    Apple blossoms

    Growing on an apple tree

    You go to smell some

    And the blossoms are me

    You think I'm beautiful

    You touch the flower

    I become fruitful

    Green and sour. 1/26/82

    Planetary Persuasion

    It is a planetary persuasion

    becoming a universal equation

    Between the sky and the earth

    A new relationship gives birth

    Stars are their guiding lights

    Moon bringing out other invites

    Taking passion from the horizon

    Their energy comes from the sun

    Thru the cycle of days and nights

    Is love under the heavenly lights. 1/28/82

    I kiss your lips softly

    The angels kiss your night

    I hold you ever so gently

    The moon holds you in her light 2/82

    Tonight I am a weeping willow tree

    Standing all alone

    Feeling gentle words of the breeze

    Mixing with my own

    You are the breeze that touches me

    Caressing me tonight

    A moon so full shining beautifully

    Giving us her light

    I find your touch most stimulating

    I sway when you speak

    The night makes it all fascinating

    Our relationship is unique. 2/6/82

    Slowly Fading Away

    Our relationship is in a shade of gray

    Slowly fading away

    And when it turns to black

    There will be no turning back

    You are the artist painting the color

    Of a relationship being over

    Every brush stroke and every line

    Is darkening this poor heart of mine

    My heart can not find much more room

    For the color of gloom

    Our relationship is in a shade of gray

    Slowly fading away. 2/14/82

    Starring out my window tonight

    It is one of those nights I can not sleep

    Outside the stars are shining bright

    With the secrets that they keep

    The stars know where you are staying

    They can not even give me a clue

    All they do is twinkle in their playing

    How will I ever find you

    I talk to the shadows outside

    I have tried everything that I know

    You are so hard to find

    Thinking of you starring out my window. 2/20/82

    You Are Love

    You are my solitude

    You are my diligence

    You are my gratitude

    You are my confidence

    You are love

    You are my patience

    You are my aspiration

    You are my conscience

    You are my satisfaction

    You are love

    You are my sorrow

    You are my pain

    You are my tomorrow

    You are my gain

    You are love

    You are my anticipation

    You are my challenge

    You are my foundation

    You are my change

    You are love. 2/17/82

    I am the moon an enchantress of the night

    You are the sun a light of truth and insight

    As my rule I am powerful in a passive way

    You are a winged sphere incandescence of the day

    I am receptive, reflective and of consort to you

    I hold the wand of dreams, magick and love that is true

    You are penetrating and radiant when you kiss my lips

    And we become a cosmic complement when in total eclipse. 3/3/82

    A Cursed Tale

    Sometimes I think my love was damned made

    Gave birth somewhere in the depths of hell

    Becoming a satanic trade

    Just to become a cursed tale

    Testing the heart's tolerance to pain

    To see if loneliness could cause you to die

    To see if love could drive you insane

    Or if it only makes you cry

    Lord why was I blessed with love as an adversary

    Sitting like a black widow in her web

    Having love becoming such a burden to carry

    With the tide of emotion becoming ebb

    Why has not my love been a contented bliss

    As beautiful as a full moon in the night

    Instead of being kissed by a reptilian hiss

    Overcast by the shadows of demons in flight

    The goddess of fate has me on a blinded path

    Always seeing love where there is none

    Then illusion becomes a reality with wrath

    Every time I fall in love with someone. 3/13/82

    Whispers of the Wind

    Her love shines like the sun shining upon the earth

    Her love shines on you all day long

    The wind whispers in its silent breath

    Her loving you isn't wrong

    Even when the night is filled with stormy weather

    She finds her way to you

    Sometimes love may not always be forever

    Her love is to you. 5/30/82

    Angels tears are falling down

    Is the dew upon the ground

    Seeing a love that has lost its way

    And has not left one shining ray

    And as the sunsets

    One forgets. 6/24/82

    A trying love grows and reaps

    A dying love cries like a willow weeps

    And sometimes time does not pacify

    Blind roads have dead ends

    No matter how it curves or bends

    And sometimes time does not justify. 6/24/82

    I looked for love at the end of the rainbow

    And you know

    The colors took me for a ride

    Every cloud has a silver lining went to find love there

    Looked every where

    Found no love on either side. 7/7/82

    Turn the pages in walks love, turn the pages there love goes

    Creating the highest high and the deepest lows

    Love has beauty like that of a yellow rose

    When love withers, the thorns pierce the very soul. 8/5/82

    Nothing can hide the color of lies

    They shine as brightly as the highs

    Of being in love. 8/31/82

    The sun sets and the night's hour of darkness comes to creep

    The earth's multitude of colors fades and falls to sleep

    In my deepest sleep, you fill my dreams with rapture

    Released and detained into the subconscious capture

    I am drawn to your peacefulness and what your silence implies

    Drawn to you looking at the colors of the storm in your eyes

    The only explanation I have found in all my nights of wonder

    Is your beauty is magick and that is the spell I am under. 10/31/82

    Loving you is a feeling one can not explain

    I am sure there is a reason some where to be found

    A feeling like lightning during the rain

    Touching the heart like it touches the ground

    Why it happens when it does is left a mystery. 10/82

    My love goes farther than you can see

    Unless you can see endlessly

    My love bears the reflections of the most precious stone

    Shining with the beauty of giving, never to own

    Through trial and tribulations time has proved

    My love is a mountain that cannot be moved. 12/82

    When the storm arises she is in search of

    For the only man she could ever love

    She rides on the sound of thunder

    Looking for the man who left her to wonder

    Her love is the lightning separating the sky

    The formation of the clouds are her moods asking why

    Her voice is the winds asking in her want to know

    The rains are her tears for the love that left years ago. 2/83

    I soar through time in its own reflection

    Having the power of vision seeing through love in deception

    Fly with me... If you dare to follow

    To the dimension of looking back on the tomorrow

    Deception clouds the diamond that is symbolic of your love

    She is a serpent hiding behind the beauty of a dove. March/83

    Two hearts becomes a seed that grows

    Two hearts share the beauty of a single rose. 3/83

    You are the rose I hold in my hand

    You are its fragrance in memory

    Are you finding it hard to understand

    Why is it, this is how you are to me

    You are my love, you are my energy

    The beauty I see is only to me. 4/83

    He may be the man in my dreams there is a likeness

    He may be the climax that leaves one breathless

    He may be the warmth that brings the blossoms in the spring

    He may be the love in the songs the angels sing

    He may be the storm that stirs the seven seas

    He may be the calm at the most a gentle breeze

    He may be the inspiration behind the creation of fine art

    He may be the beauty that excites the poetess's heart

    He is the beauty held captive in a heart woven tapestry. 7/16/83

    Love is a beauty like that of a rose

    Until the thorns pierce the very soul

    Yesterday's sorrows

    Are today's tales of woe

    Mourning nights and seemingly no tomorrows

    Is the heart's scenario. 7/83

    If our love should fold or fall

    To the point of not existing at all

    Is because where I painted the calm

    You painted the storm

    Love rocks without an anchor

    And will sink for sure

    Laid broken on the bottom of the ocean floor

    Like a lost treasure. 3/4/84

    I guess it is senseless to prolong the agony by not excepting the goodbye...

    With useless talks and anger and the wondering of how and the why...

    The one that goes can not know how the one feels that is left behind...

    The emptiness, the sleepless nights and the qualms of the unsettled mind....

    Nothing seems to justify the ways and or the means...

    Nothing pacifies the loss of the hopes and the dreams...

    Cherished moments had, would of been cherished moments kept...

    And I would of been the one you would be coming to- not the one you left...

    My feelings of love for you will go on longer than you will ever know...

    Because how I so strongly believed, it was easier to love, than letting go...


    It took ten months to go from heaven to hell

    My heart once filled with love has become an empty shell

    You see the intensity of my anger from the hurt and confusion

    Now maybe you can understand the intensity of my love in profusion.


    Like a spiders web love intertwines

    Not any two are exactly the same

    Like a snow flake in its designs

    Like a candle's burning flame. 6/26/84

    I am a child of fate

    Daughter of the night

    My predominate trait

    Is insight. 7/2/84

    You were once my brightest light in my universe

    When it came to giving love you were my first

    Your light has now casted upon me shadows

    And the heart has tried to escape the sorrows

    You still shine but the brightness has faded

    The beauty I once held... Darkness has invaded

    And love was traded for a taste of hell

    And the feeling is all mine and only mine to tell. 8/15/84

    My love is without doubt

    This is what love is all about

    My love is with trust and sincerity

    To believe - you will find serenity

    Loving you holds highest precedence

    All other men are shadows without essence

    Shadows can not sway - there is no substance

    Love without doubt does not fall to circumstance

    My love and my word are both given with honesty

    And time will show you what you now... can not see. 1/12/85

    Love is of the sixth sense


    Given and taken without substance

    Words cannot express it essence

    A translucent bliss

    Portrayed by the touch, the kiss

    Outer lust? Nonsense

    Inward oblivious? Yes

    Given falsely - treacherous

    Given truly - timeless

    To give and be given to - happiness

    To equally share is harmonious

    A God given promise... 2/25/85

    The soul captures

    Through the eyes

    That which can not be seen

    Only felt through feelings

    That which can not be touched

    Voices of the mind

    Creates thoughts in silence

    That which can not be heard

    Until written, and read

    By the one it is given to

    That which the soul first felt

    Creating the thought. 2/14/87

    "Love-Lies-Bleeding" is a book I did of 500 plus poems in the 1980's. Eve

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